“Flowers for Viv”

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post I have released a new pattern in memory of Vivian Robinson to raise funds for cancer research. The quilting community lost a very talented and special designer in November last year after a battle with cancer.

As in the title of this post the pattern is called “Flowers for Viv”. All profits from the sale of this pattern will be donated to cancer research.

Vivian’s individual style was loved by many and her designs will live on in many a home. She loved using the raw edge applique technique and so this quilt is made in this style, in memory of Viv’s creativity and contribution to the quilting community, in the hope that funds raised towards cancer research may assist future generations overcome this devastating disease.

Flowers for Vivblog

Designers often use symbols to communicate something about their design. Sometimes these are obvious or even subtle, so here is the meaning behind my design.

The vase represents Vivian’s creativity.
The heart represents her love of quilting & design and also our love for her.
The dove is a symbol of hope and affection.
The cranberry symbolises thanksgiving. We thank Vivian for her friendship and the love of her craft.
The vine is continuous and represents her memory and her designs that will go on forever.
The daffodil represents new life as it bursts into flower and symbolises hope for a cancer free future.

The pattern is only available through Mrs Martins Quilt Shop and Petals & Patches (will be on my website later this week). Ring Karen on (03)5968 3360 if you would like a pattern. The cost of the pattern is $7.00.

May we all remember Vivian with love & affection,


One thought on ““Flowers for Viv”

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