MQS Update

Thought I should pop back with an update on the Monbulk Quilt Show. What an amazing day! Caught up with lots of acquaintances & friends and made some new friends along the way.

Karen of Mrs Martin’s Quilt Shop and her band of merry helpers do an AMAZING job!!!!! The organisation of such an event isn’t an easy task so hat’s off to all those involved. Looks like they have managed to raise over $5,000 for the Monbulk CFA and they are still counting. Fantastic effort!

The first 100 through the door to the show get a free showbag full of goodies. For several years I have given Karen something for the bags – this year was a pattern to make “Luna” my new little owl pincushion/softie/wheatbag. Pictured below.


Thank you Karen for inviting me along – I was inspired by the level of talent of the quilt entries.

As usual I forgot to take my camera, it was on the floor where I left it when I came home!!!!!!! Say no more …..

So my lovely neighbours, Lisa & Louise of Max & Louise Pattern Co, took some pictures for me. Thanks girls!

Monbulk Quilt Show
Monbulk Quilt Show 1
We had a great day and they were lots of fun. Inspired me to go home and look at my favourite pattern of theirs – now I just need to find some fabric. I have borrowed a photo of their stand to show you some of their work!!!!

Monbulk Quilt Show 2

I also had a chance to chat with Barb Smith of Theodora Cleave and couldn’t resist another of her beautiful buttons and her new book, “Travels with Millie”, who reminds me so much of our cat, Jet. Barb’s stand was displayed with her usual flair. Wish I could have taken the whole stand home with me!!!! Barb has some pictures of the quilt show on her blog so click on her link above to view.

I also caught up with Jo of Sewjo Designs and fell in love with her new bear pre-printed stitcheries. So cute!

Gayle, if you happen to read this post, my mother-in-law loved her card and also your business name “In a Pleasance”. Gayle makes the loveliest cards that describing just doesn’t do justice. Karen at Mrs Martin’s has some in stock, so have a look at them if you happen to go for a visit. All the cards designs are different, I had trouble choosing one.

There was also a special display of quilts of Vivian Robinson’s. At the show I released a pattern in memory of Viv to raise funds for cancer research. I will have a special post for this tomorrow.

All in all it was a great day, lovely weather, lovely ladies and some great laughs!!

Back soon, Leanne

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