The Fur Babies

The fur babies occasionally like to get out for some sun, they are indoor cats. So when the chance arises they make a dash outside when I’m pegging on the line. Once out they can’t wait to go for a roll, as you can see below.




Pure bliss!!!!!

Pippi is the tabby and Jet is the black one. After the recent trade event I attended Jet decided that he liked playing with my id tag. I only took my eyes off him for a few minutes and he had decided to chew the little metal end and some elastic attached to it. So it was a trip off to the Vet’s where after quite a few x-rays and some rather uncomfortable treatment he is now metal/elastic free! Mind you my purse is a whole lot lighter ….. $…
Hubby was not impressed!!!!!!

Then it was Freckles turn – off to the hairdresser for some well needed grooming. Here are her before and after shots.


She looks so much younger and slimmer once she’s trimmed. If only that worked for me!!!!!!!