Unseasonal Weather

DSCF5619blogAlthough it is nearing the end of Autumn here in Melbourne you would have thought that it was Spring over the last week with the lovely warm weather we have had. I even think the birds are confused. Here are the latest additions in our backyard – twins! Aren’t they sweet. Nice and fluffy, short little tails and they just need to grow into their beaks. I love doves, they are so gentle ( a little on the slow side though!). We had triplets out in our front garden over the last month and it was lovely to watch them huddle together in the sunshine.
Autumn is one of my favourite seasons of the year (Spring is my favourite!). I love the beautiful colours of the leaves as they change from green to those beautiful rich bronze, red & golden tonings. Here is a picture of my Claret Ash tree out the front of our house. The photo doesn’t do it justice, the red/burgundy tones are so rich. It is a shame that in a week or two they will all be gone giving way to the woody stems & branches, which in itself is also beautiful. The garden is a neverending palette of inspiration, there is always something new to capture one’s eye and imagination.

I hope you have time to enjoy your seasonal delights in the garden.


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