One very excited girl ……….

This morning my daughter excitedly rushed to the computer to check the results of the Craft section at the Royal Melbourne Show which starts today. She had entered 2 photo’s in the Year 7 – 9 category.

All of a sudden there was screaming coming from the front half of the house ( Mum, Mum, I, I, I, just got 2nd prize!!!!!!). She was so excited ……. to say the least, and I am very proud of her efforts. I guess I won’t be able to keep a camera out of her hands from now on. She loves taking photo’s of flowers & nature.

This is the photo that she received 2nd Place for :

Hope you all have a pleasant weekend, I’m off into the garden………..


2 thoughts on “One very excited girl ……….

    • Thanks Lurline – I love this photo too and a large version of it is hanging in my sun room as a Christmas gift from her. She now hogs the camera everywhere we go and I think I probably have the biggest photo collection of close up flower shots. Some are amazing with the detail of their stamens etc. something that we don’t always notice with the naked eye.

      Hope you are feeling better.


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