Distractions ……….

What a busy month it has been. Lots happening but not too much sewing unfortunately. Getting ready for a few retreats and projects keeps one’s mind occupied, so there is now alot of stitching happening to finish all of these projects off.

However there has been a new addition into the Petals & Patches family. He is rather handsome, sleek, shiny & new – a new man in my life!! Just what a girl needs, however he needs to be taught about the finer things in life like needles, threads & fabric.

While he is right into threads I’m not sure he is up to the needles & pins stage just yet.

I suppose I should put a picture of him on here for you to see just how he melts my heart and causes me such distraction.

His name is Jet and he was half my Mother’s Day present & half my daughter’s Birthday present and is the cutest little rescue kitten in our books. He is getting along well with Pippi our other rescue cat who is now 16 months old – lots of chasing around the house and annoying her but she just loves cleaning him up and letting him know his place.

Lots to love around here,