Country Threads Mother’s Day Issue

I am finally back on-line (now with a new host provider) after quite a few days without any access.

As promised here is a picture of the current issue of Creating Country Threads that has my new quilt design “Love Notes from Home”. I always love the way the magazines do such lovely photo shoots and I am very pleased with how the picture has stayed true to its actual colours.

I hope you like it and that it inspires you in some way to create a gift for your Mum or yourself! 16 days till Mum’s special day!!

Stitch away……..


A Quick Update

Just to let you know, in case you are having trouble accessing my website or sending me an email, I’m currently having major access problems from my service provider at the moment. Some days I have access and others I don’t.

I apologise to any of you who are trying to pay me a visit. I will certainly be investigating using another company if the problems don’t get fixed soon.

If you need to contact me please leave a comment here and I will get back to you as soon as I am able. Thanks for your patience.

Meanwhile I have just received my copy of Creating Country Threads Mothers Day Special (Vol 10 No 9)in which I have a quilt, so I will be back in the next day or so to show you the quilt that I designed.

Bye for now.

All things pretty!

Just to let you know that patterns are now available for On Freedom’s Wings. Sorry about not posting for a while, as work has taken a rather large slice of time over the last 2 weeks.

However I did have the opportunity of going to Melbourne’s International Flower & Garden Show last weekend.

What spectacular colour and designs. We have some very talented people in the horticulatural & floral industry in our country. I have included just a few of the pictures I have taken for you to view.

Hope you all have a relaxing Easter break with family & friends. I know I will be trying to squeeze in quite a bit of stitching so I can show you some new pictures of On Freedom’s Wings in black/white/aqua version.

Aahhh! the joy of stitching & chocolate!!!!!!!