A very special gift – Part 2

I posted a sneak peek of this special quilt 10 days ago, but I couldn’t wait to show you the full quilt until I got back from Perth, so here it is.
Circle of Friends

This quilt is going to a very special person, Margaret, who is heading off to work in Africa, and we (four of her friends) wanted her to take a piece of us and Australia with her. She was very humbled and appreciative of our gift (there were tears of joy!!!!) and lots of hugs. Each one of us played a part in it’s making (not all of us were patchworkers) and without one another this quilt would not have come to being.

This is part of what our label on the quilt read (courtesy Fiona):

This friendship ring and quilt of gum symbolises the strong bond we share together. A bond from home that stretches to a place far away. May there be comfort found as you wrap yourself in this quilt; an expression of our outstretched arms and love. May the laughter, tears, creases and stains all become part of the journey of this your quilt.

We wish her safe travels and a journey full of blessings & love.

One thought on “A very special gift – Part 2

  1. Hi Leanne,
    I’m glad you shared my beautiful quilt with those in cyberspace. I have it on my bed now and linger over it with continual awe at what the four of you have not only achieved but lovingly made for me. You are all so precious to my heart.
    I shall be thanking you all my life for it I imagine.

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